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EPA Registered Cold Pressed Neem Oil

About Plasma Neem
For over a decade, Plasma Power® has been dedicated to the production of Cold Pressed Neem Oil for controlling pests.  

Plasma Neem is now a part of Terramera PlantScience, a Canadian company. Terramera is dedicated to harnessing the power of plants, developing more effective plant based biopesticides and supplying neem for health and cosmetic uses.


Plasma Neem is proud to annouce that the United States Environmental Protection Agency, has registered Plasma Neem EC as a pesticide. The EPA registration number is 84185-5.

Plasma Neem® (3750 ppm azadirachtin) and Plasma Neem EC, are EPA registered Biological Insecticides.
Neem Oil and Emulsifyable Neem Oil for pesticide and insecticide applications

Plasma Neem ® Oil (azadirachtin 3750 ppm) is the first and only pure, cold pressed neem oil, which is registered with the EPA as a biological insecticide for both crop and non crop uses as well as for the control for root knot nematodes. By constant refining of the parameters of our proprietary process of cold pressing, the level of active ingredient in the pure neem oil, has been increased to 3750 ppm and the approval of the EPA has been obtained for this level of active ingredient.

Plasma Neem EC is a readily emulsify able Neem Oil

Our products are available at select retail outlets in almost every state of the United States either on a sub registrant label, repack label or as Plasma Neem® Oil (azadirachtin 3750 ppm) Biological Insecticide and as Plasma Neem EC.

Our sub registrants sell Plasma Neem ® Oil, repackaged and relabelled under their brand names in various states. Please contact us such that we can direct your inquiry to the sub registrant nearest to you. (Send us an enquiry).

Plasma Neem ® (azadirachtin 3750 ppm) for organic farming.

     Neem Insecticide

Plasma Neem ® (azadirachtin 3750 ppm} is OMRI listed.

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Plasma Neem® Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in production of organic food and fiber
     Neem oil insecticide

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