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About Japanese Beetles in Soybean fields and how Neem oil kills Japanese beetles


Soybean growers are having great profit in their field. However, the insects and pests in the field reduce their profits. Farmers must take care of the spreading insects and pests in their field. . Especially the Japanese beetle is one of the important pests that spoils soybean crops.

What are Japanese beetles, what they feed and how they are disastrous?

These beetles eat anything, if you do not care enough, they can easily skeletonize all the leaves in the field. These beetles like to eat various species of crops that are fragrant. As a farmer you need to be vigilant about and see whether there are white grubs in your field. These grubs are the initial stages of a larva of a Japanese beetles.

These beetle eggs in the form of white grubs live 2 to 3 inches under the soil and acquire food and live from the roots of plants. They grow quickly and come out as Adult Japanese beetle, as soon as they come out of the ground they become disastrous to the soybean crops as they feed fast and eat all the leaves in the field causing severe damage to the plants. If you are careless with these beetles, they can totally wipe out the crops in the field. Big infestation of Japanese beetles can totally kill all the plants growth in soybean field. You need to take immediate steps to stop this dangerous beetles.

How Neem oil totally eliminate Japanese beetles?

Neem is an organic insecticide and pesticide and it is very powerful in killing Japanese beetles, as soon as you apply neem oil over the affected soybean leaves, it started working on the beetles, Neem oil stops further spreading of these tiny creatures as the smell will drive away the pest enemy from your soybean fields. Not only that applying Neem oil has got multiple usage as it eliminates aphids, worms,other pests and insects that joins the party to spoil the crops.

Take a wise decision as Neem oil is a organic pesticide and it has no side effects when you compare it with a artificial pesticide or insecticide.

To get best results from neem oil, you need to store neem oil in a cool and dark place and you should buy quality neem oil like Plasma neem oil which is approved by the EPA.

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Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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