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Bed bugs treatment using Neem oil:

Bed bugs have been an irritational factor for many and found common in the urban areas of United States. Bed bugs belong to the category of blood sucking parasites, especially in warm blooded mammals. They are a nocturnal type of insects thus identification of them is difficult and treating them synthetically has no effect. They suck the blood of humans and leave signs like blood droppings over the bed sheets, rashes over the skin and even likely to cause hepatitis b or chagas disease as well. Bed bugs bites are often mistaken to a mosquito bite which on later stage causes health hazards if not taken any treatment measures. They are said to multiply within a short period into a huge population and that a female bug has the capability of laying over 500 eggs during its life time. Moreover, some treatment measures of bed bugs are not fair enough to get rid of its population completely. It has been proven that organic way of treatment can eliminate the bed bugs successfully. Before using the organic products some necessary pre-treatments have to be done to make sure the hiding areas for treatment at the particular place instead of treating the whole living space. Pre-treatments includes:

Check the wall screens, drawers, mattress, and furniture; dismantle them to spot the bed bug's infestations. If any garment seen with bed bugs try to wash it in Laundromat at 120 degree F hot water to completely wash off the influx of the bugs. Presence of eggs over the sheets has to be removed by manual rubbing using a harsh brush because it is tough to eradicate. Monitor the spots every now and then to avoid for the further invasion of the bugs at the same spots. Watch out shady and hidden areas of the room as they positively breed in such places. Do not leave the cracks as well which obviously needs the application of organic products.

Neem oil takes the importance of treating bed bugs with ease. Readily available spray containing pure neem oil extract in the market can be the best form of product for the treatment. Spraying the oil over the above mentioned areas will be effective for repletion as well as termination of bed bugs. Washing of the garments can also be done in water mixed with few ml of neem oil. The oil of neem has the advantage of repelling insects by its characteristic heavy odor. Bed bugs sometimes ingest neem oil which on later stage terminates them after reacting with their hormones and this is due to the presence of azadirachtin, a pesticidal ingredient in neem. Following this treatment once in a week can abolish the insect population within seven to eight weeks as said.

Latest News: Two New Products Registered with the EPA for Control of Bed Bugs

The products TER-CX1, containing 22.0% Cold Pressed Neem Oil and TER-TRU1, containing 5.5% Cold Pressed Neem Oil are EPA approved. This is the first time that the EPA has approved a bio pesticide for treating bed bugs.


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