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Controlling and eliminating Pecan tree webworms using Neem products


Web worms in pecan trees are generally dangerous if you do not take adequate care, it can spoil all your leaves, fruits on pecan trees. It is important to take precautionary steps to stop Pecan tree web worms one of the best ideas to stop these web worms is by applying the Neem soap concentrate or Neem oil in the affected areas of the trees where these worms are spread out. Although this work is difficult to do, but very effective to eliminate webworms from pecan trees and protect it from destroying pecan fruits and leaves.

Web worms in pecan trees will be controlled after it has been hit by Neem soap concentrate, they will be of no use as it cannot be able to reproduce new ones, eventually every single web worm in the tree will die as soon the Neem soap concentrates or Neem oil is applied to it.

Some areas you might need Neem soap which are reachable to your hands, some areas you can use Neem oil foliar spray pump to spray on web worms in Pecan trees.

Things to remember when applying Neem oil or Neem soap on Pecan tree Web worms

  1. Make sure that the neem oil or soap touches the worm. Webworms will not get affected or die until it has got the perfect contact with the Neem oil or neem soap.
  2. You need to mix the Neem soap concentrate with water. For each 30 ml of Neem soap concentrate you need to mix with 1 Gallon of water. That is the standard mixing ratio of applying Neem soap concentrate on web worms. Just soak the web worms completely with the water that is mixed with Neem soap concentrate.
  3. If you want to apply Neem oil in foliar spray make sure you hit the target clearly while spraying it on the web worms.

Once the webworms are disseminated, they come to the top of grass blades, where it can be easily visible and eaten by birds. Sooner or later all will die, and your pecan tree will be completely secured from web worms

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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