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Farmers and Garden owners Headache - Beetles and Caterpillars

Beetles and Caterpillars are the most commonly known pests in the farm. Most of the farms in the world are spoiled by these two pests. Let us briefly learn about these two pests in the farm and how to eliminate it from the farms.


There are different types of Beetles in the world, all come under these four stages of the life cycle, starting from an egg, and then it transforms to the stage as larvae, and the next stage is pupa and becomes an adult in the final fourth stage. Beetles can give serious headache to the farmers and garden owners by eating the leaves of the plant. Beetles eat any type of plant and making it useless in due course of time.


Like beetles, Caterpillars have to come through four life stages and in the adult stage, it becomes a colorful butterfly.  However, on the early stages, these caterpillars feed heavily on plants and spoil the crops by creating holes on the leaves and also on the fruits, and it can create great damage to the crops before they ripen.


Best way to keep beetles and caterpillars away from your farm or garden, is to monitor frequently and spend more time on maintaining your farm or garden. These pests might be tiny but very fast in destroying the crops. If you do not take swift measures to stop it , then in the longer run you will incur heavy loss.
These two pests can creep up immediately after your harvest time, where most of the farmers tend to be lethargic about their farm. Constantly, you need to monitor your farm even after the harvest time that is the best way to safeguard your crops from being hit by these two tiny pests.

Eliminating these two pests from your garden or farm

If you do organic farming, and you have problems with these two pests, neem oil will be an ideal solution because neem oil is organic, and it can act effectively on pests that chew and eat the crops.  Azadirachtin not only stops the pests from eating the crops, but also stops the reproduction of these pests. Neem oil with higher level of Azadirachtin can solve the headache of the farmers and garden owners. Plasma Neem oil is EPA certified Pure Cold Pressed Neem oil with a minimum Extract level of Azadirachtin 3000ppm, Please send us your Inquiry to stop beetles and Caterpillars from spoiling your crops.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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