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Top four ways in which Neem Oil Aids Agriculture:

As we know, the sustainability of agriculture depends on crop yield and the farmer. Crop yield is dependent on various factors, some controllable like elimination of pests and weeds, and other which are uncontrollable like storms and cyclones. The farmer’s good health is also of paramount. In this article we discuss four ways in which Neem oil helps in the sustainability of agriculture:

Way One: Controls Pests in an Eco Friendly Way

Neem oil is can be used as a pesticide. The added advantage is that it is an organic pesticide, hence does not cause environmental pollution or water or air pollution the way chemical pesticides do. Additionally, since neem oil is an organic pesticide, it does not alter the nature of the soil or degenerate the soil quality. Hence the soil productivity also does not get affected. The organic nature of Neem oil ensures that the environment and the soil are preserved and hence resulting in sustainability of yield.

Way Two: Kills only the harmful pests

Neem oil kills only those pests which infest the crop but does not kill the natural creatures and worms which aid the growth and nourishment of a crop. A chemical fertilizer on the other hand would destroy any creature, regardless of if it is harmful or harmless to the crop. This results in the farmer having to spend money not only in controlling pests but also in buying additional nutritional supplements in order to compensate for the loss of natural nourishment providers caused by chemical fertilizers.

Way Three: No Health Hazards

Neem oil does not contain any artificially added hazardous chemicals. Hence accidentally inhaling neem oil or applying neem oil to the crop without taking any precaution would not cause any harm to a farmer’s physical and mental well-being. One can even add that, in order to use Neem oil as a pesticide one does not require any mask or other precautions which are applicable to other fertilizers.

Way Four: Is Inexpensive

The pest control costs incurred by a farmer contribute heavily to his/her expenditure while growing a crop. When compared to the cost of chemical pest controllers, neem oil is very inexpensive. Further since, it does not eliminate natural nourishment providers, the farmer saves on the expenses otherwise incurred.

Overall, Neem oil aids a farmer in boosting his/her yield and reducing costs, thereby facilitating the sustainability of agriculture.

Author: Janani Rangarajan- neem articles

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Plasma Power Private Limited. Reproduction of the articles does not in any way form an endorsement


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