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How Neem oil is useful for Malaria control


Neem oil is the powerful and natural way to be used for malaria control. Mosquitoes are the real threat and spread out different type of diseases. Malaria is one of the serious diseases, which is caused because of mosquitoes. This widespread disease had killed a lot of humans in the past. Neem oil has got Azadirachta contents, and it also contains bioactive compounds and larvicidal properties, which will naturally stop the harmful effects of malaria in our human body.

How Neem oil actually works on controlling Malaria?

There have been several studies done to find out how neem products can control malaria, as per the studies. They have found out that the Neem oil can initiate antifeedancy on the parasite which will actually prevent them to feed more and stop their growth. It also kills eggs of insects/parasites and avoids further fertilization to happen and really act as an insect repellent.

Neem oil is a wonderful natural product which has got powerful pesticidal, larvicidal and insecticidal properties. Usage of Neem oil is 100% environmental friendly, and it attacks any pests, insects in multiple ways and makes sure they are eliminated that's why more people are willing to implement neem oil to get rid of Pests, insects and killing of common parasite like mosquitoes, which kills millions of people due to Malaria.

To summarize- Neem oil eliminate mosquitoes in four ways

  1. Stop them feed further
  2. Kills their eggs
  3. Stop their growth
  4. Stop future fertilization of eggs.



Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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