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Neem Oil - an alternative Bio Fuel:

In recent periods, a climatic change called global warming has been sensed on our planet. It is believed that it's the initiation of the destruction of Earth. A wake up call is being alarmed for the sapiens to respond to this disorder which later becomes a disaster. Firstly the list of causes for this disorder has been studied. Later, Researches were undertaken severely in finding the solution to overcome the factors. One such factor is Carbon Emission by the vehicles and diesel generators due to the use of petroleum. Use of petrol and diesel is supposed to emit more carbon to the atmosphere than any other aspect. To stop the use of these two non-renewable resources, an alternative fuel called Bio-fuel is discovered. Bio-fuel is a fuel just like normal fluid or Oil which is bio-degradable in nature emitting low carbon when burnt. Bio-fuels previously extracted from the seeds like Jatropha, sugarcane and Neem Oil. Particularly Neem Oil has tickled the researchers for its use in the production of the Bio-fuel.

Neem oil is proved to contain methyl ester which is considered to be the base of a bio diesel. This bio diesel contains alkyl esters of the fatty acids which is the product of the tranesterfication process of the neem oil. Extraction of this diesel is complicated but its results are more efficient like low carbon emission, increases the engine performance, brake specific fuel is saved and reduces the smoke density.

India is expected to be one of the largest bio-diesel producers as the resources of production of such fuel like neem, jatropa and pongamia plantation is very high in that region. Africans will also be the leading companion along with India in near future as they extract bio-diesel from sugarcane. Market for Neem oil suppliers and products were also been boosted up due to its advantages in many field.

In the new era of Bio-fuel, Neem Oil even though has its own identity as a medicinal plant, creates a new spot as a bio diesel. Thus this nature's gift once again lends its help in reviving us from the darkness of the world's destruction.

Author: Adam Teaser

Disclaimer: Medicinal, healthcare,  veterinary uses and other applications not related to the pesticide uses listed on our label such as Plasma Neem does not support these claims.The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Plasma Power Private Limited. Reproduction of the articles does not in anyway form an endorsement.

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