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Neem oil eliminates western corn root worm from its root of reproduction.

According to Wikipedia, Out of 30 Million Acres of Corn, almost 80 million grown are being affected by a Western corn root worm. Corn and maize producers suffer a great loss due to this uncontrollable root worm.  More than billion dollars of money has been spent every year to control this type of worms by farmers in USA.  The Western Corn root worm’s larvae are the one dominant which spoil millions of crops in USA. Farmers have to find out a perfect solution which is cost-effective to protect their crops.

Changing towards Organic Pesticide

In recent times there has been a change happening to the minds of US farmers. Most of the farmers started using natural pesticides in their farm. Because they find organic pesticides have got more advantages and benefits than a non-organic pesticide, which are costly and also hazardous for the environment and to the health. Usage of non-organic pesticides in the farms can be harmful to farmer's health as well as for the environment.

Effective solution for Battling against Western Corn Root worms

Western Corn Root worms technically known as Diabrotica virgifera is a highly dangerous pest, if it is unnoticed or untreated. This pest has to be eliminated when it is in the larva stage itself, farmers have to take adequate measures to protect it.

Neem oil an organic and natural pesticide which can stop these growing corn root worms from spoiling the crops, one or two dosage of Neem oil spray can eliminate the worms and stop the reproduction cycles of the root worm in your farms. The powerful Azadirachta content inside Neem oil will eliminate the root worms. Neem oil is the only organic pesticide which has the medicinal power to eliminate pests and Insects. USA farmers find it extremely useful on eliminating the pests and insects in their farms, which also include corn root worms.

Disclaimer: Medicinal, healthcare,  veterinary uses and other applications not related to the pesticide uses listed on our label such as Plasma Neem does not support these claims.The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Plasma Power Private Limited. Reproduction of the articles does not in anyway form an endorsement.

Plasma neem oil is an EPA certified Neem Oil. We have distribution throughout  USA. Please drop us an inquiry about your requirements, we will be glad to help you.


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