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Quality Neem oil can control all types of worms from Apple Trees.

In farmer's point of view, building a farm is a tedious process, especially having an Apple Orchard takes more time. If you want to reap best results from an Apple orchard, you need to wait for 2-4 years. There are many obstacles on the way before you reap the results.

Insects and Worms are the worst enemy of an Apple orchard. Especially, Worms enter the fruit and cause severe damage to the apple fruit. Farmer who owns the orchard must have to monitor and check the trees periodically in order to find whether there is any infestation and save your apple trees from worms.

How these worms conquer the apple trees?

Two major types of worms that affect apple orchard are meal worms and codling moths. Female worms lay eggs nearby the plant and when the eggs are hatched the worms will crawl slowly into the fruit and make a tiny hole and dig inside the apple and live until they become adults. Adult worms come out of apple and form a kind of silky web.

Farmers must be vigilant and make sure that the worm does not enter the apple, if it does then the apple becomes inedible for human use. Using Artificial Pesticides to kill the worms is not a good strategy because, it will affect the quality of the apples that you get from your farms and moreover, it is proven dangerous to the environment. EPA approves using Organic Pesticides and Insectides.

One of the best organic pesticide/insecticide is the Neem oil. Neem oil is fatal to codling moths and other types of worms. Applying Neem oil should be done with proper care and an ideal mix of water with Neem oil can really make effective inroads in controlling and eliminating worms in the Apple Orchards.

Plasma Neem oil is an EPA approved neem oil, which can be used for eliminating the worms in apple orchards. Two things you must follow before applying the neem oil.

  • Identifying codling moths or any other worms at the right time and applying the neem oil efficiently.
  • Follow the instructions laid in the pack, exact mixture of Neem oil with water can bring great results.

Try Plasma Neem oil, which is approved by EPA, and it can control all types of worms that create problems for your Apple Orchard.



Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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