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Neem oil acts as an Insecticide to eliminate these three top insect pests in your farm or garden


If you have large farm or garden, definitely you need to be watchful against the insects in the farm. Most of the farm owners suffer from the insect infestation that kills the crops and sweep the profits out of that farm. Farmers or garden owners must be serious in stopping the infestation happening in their farm or garden.

Neem oil is a wonderful product given by this nature, and it contains powerful insecticidal and pesticidal properties, which can eliminate any insect infestation and stop them from spreading more in the farm. Generally speaking, these are the four top insects that a farmer or a gardener has to keep an eye on it.

Three Top insects that spoils the crops in the farm as well as in Garden

Top #1 - Aphids - These are highly dangerous insects that are seen in winter season, and it can spread quickly in the farm. They eat plants and kill the crops which can cause serious damage to the farm's productivity. Neem oil insecticide is the only organic product that can eliminate the infestation of Aphids.

Top #2 - Locusts - There are different types of locusts and those which migrate are called grasshoppers, and the one affects the farms are called as Dessert Locusts. According to Wikipedia, Dessert Locust has affected the farm's productivity in many Asian, European and African countries. Locusts are a serious threat to the farmers where it kills the crops completely in few days. Spraying of Neem oil with high levels of Azadirachtin contents on the plants can protect crops and also stops the Locust growth and breeding.

Top 3 - Japanese Beetles - These are serious enemies to the farmers. It spreads across the farm in spring and dry season. It feeds from the root of the plants and causes severe damage to the growing plants and also weakening the old plants. Neem oil soap is the best solution, and it has got stronger insecticidal properties, and it is already used to control Japanese Beetles in North and South America.

Insect pests are really a serious threat to the farmers, and they must be careful in handling it, Neem oil enriched with high level of azadirachtin can help farmers/ gardeners from protecting their farm or garden from these dangerous plant killing insect pests.

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Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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