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Neem oil can stop potato beetles from spoiling potato crops

Potato beetles are a common problem in North America during the winter. These beetles mostly start to eat leaves on winter season and resulting in foliage of potato plants. Both Larvae and Adult beetles spoil the crops.

These beetles grow up to be three-eighths of an inch. Beetle's color looks similar with potato color, and it has black stripes on its shell. They feed for 5-7 days and will start to lay eggs. Each female beetle can lay more than 500 eggs, which will hatch within seven days. Adult beetles come out of the soil and reach potato leaves.

If you do not take adequate care in the farms, within few days, you will be in big trouble of handling these potato beetles. These beetles are strong enough to develop immunity over artificial pesticides or insecticides.

Usage of Neem oil is a good idea for eliminating these beetles. Neem oil is natural and has the contents to control the spreading of these beetles. Azadirachtin is an important ingredient in Neem oil, which works in eliminating these beetles effectively.

Before buying neem oil you need to check the Azadirachtin contents, Plasma Neem oil has got a high level of Azadirachtin contents 3000ppm. Spray the Neem oil on the affected plants, on places where you see larva of these Potato beetles, make sure you spray neem oil on the soil nearby the affected plants, because these beetles burrow holes in the soil and emerge from the soil, they can be eliminated if you also care to spray the neem oil.


Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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