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Neem oil for Flea beetles control in Farms | Organic Neem oil insecticide:

Farms grown with vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, etc. are widely observed with damage of an insect called Flea beetle. These crops are slowly disintegrated until they are brought down to lifeless condition. Flea beetles, vicious insects are generally progressive in damage with their development in population. Hot and warm weather climate will be suitable for them to breed and so the farms are likely to witness the plant loss right from the months of summer season.

Flea beetles are leaping beetles that feed on leaf of plants in farms and gardens. Initially they create holes in the leaves and degrade the whole branch step by step. These insects are also considered to be survival of the fittest in sense their population cannot be controlled completely atleast few are capable to survive resisting the insecticide or pesticide that have been sprayed. Beetles are always troublesome as they are difficult to eradicate because of a special external body covering called elytra which is hard and acts as resistive sheath to pesticides.

Distinct character of flea beetles from other beetles is that the larvae of flea beetles are obsessed with a nature of root termination in plants. Thus it is not good enough to leave the eggs of flea beetles as such when it is identified and the delay in treatment or control measure can lead to devastation of crops. Farms are to be sprayed with effective organic pesticide instead of pest controlling synthetics. Organic neem oil insecticide is a valuable and proficient extract of neem leaves which is eco-friendly and does not ruin the environment on its application.

In order to get rid of adult flea beetles as well as its larvae, neem oil pesticide can be sprayed on regular basis in the farm with suitable proportion of water mixed to it. Pesticide of neem oil not only eradicates the larvae but also make the beetles to stay away from the leaves. Some important instructions to be notified:

  • During summer, neem oil pesticide should be sprayed only at night times to avoid leaf curls and burns in plants.
  • Care must be taken while spraying.
  • Special attention should be given at the breeding place of flea beetles.

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles


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