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Neem oil - organic remedy for garden cabbage worms:

Gardens highly invite pests because gardeners are non-professional in backyard maintenance. Basically, backyard gardens are likely to invite most of the dreadful pests than the condition in farms. Among the damages produced by the insects, worms are seemed to be the worse of its kind. Worms in the garden generally mean the green worm which includes broccoli worm, diamond block worm, cabbage worms and looper worms. In the life cycle of a butterfly or a moth, Worm belongs to the intermediate stage. At this stage of its cycle, they feed on the leaves and fruits for their growth as the eggs are laid over the leaves of the plants.

In particular, Green worms quite often feed on the mature fruits and create a severe loss to the gardeners. Their characteristic attack is over the tomato and potato of Solanaceae family, Cabbage and Cauliflower of Brassica family and some flowering plants as well. Cash crops cultivated in the gardens are extremely vulnerable to these worms thus it becomes necessary for a gardener to ensure few necessary measures to protect the plants from such damages.

The treatment of green worms using a synthetic pesticide is easy by practice, but it is less effective in reaction against their activities. Moreover, it is also probable to increases the risk of toxic levels in the garden thereby ostensibly reduces the efficacy of the plant. The pesticides not only oppress the fertility during its application but also observed to prolong for further season by existence of inhibiting compounds that are difficult to break down in the soil. There comes the role of Neem oil, an organic pesticide certified by the environmental protection agency which is completely bio-degradable product.

Neem oil is proven to eliminate the destructive activities of most of the pests and insects efficiently. The spraying of this organic oil over the plants can keep the insects away from the farms. Large green worms can be identified and detached from the feed place by hand pick. If the population is huge it becomes difficult to remove it manually, and it requires the application of neem oil pesticide as spray in the infested area. Neem oil alters the internal behavior in worms on its feed and finally terminates it. Few worms are resisted by the strong foul smell of neem oil. Therefore, the novice gardeners can make use of the neem oil as a natural remedy for green worms in gardens.



Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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