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Neem oil insecticide for controlling Squash Bugs in the farms:

Squash vegetable farms are prone to insect attacks very widely ruining the vegetable growth. Generally, insects are known to droop the flourishing of plants by various characteristic actions like boring the talk, sap sucking, feeding the leaves, creating fungal dews, etc. Different insects belonging to different families have their own signature attack. On that context, bugs have the very character of feeding the fruits and vegetables which are said to be the cash products for farmers. Having been exposed to bugs, the farms are likely to reap nothing at the end of the season because bugs have the capability of spoiling the entire crop area. Thus, it makes a wake up call for the farmers to take an appropriate and effective control measures for them in order to make the farm safe from bug attack.

In particular, a variety of bugs called squash bug that predominantly infests the squash vegetables and fruits like watermelon and pumpkin varieties. The bugs hinder the yield of plants by making the plant to wither after the attack and therefore, in the intensive stage the foliage dies. The signature infestation of these squash bugs is that they suck the sap part of the plants which stops the supply of plant nutrients to the branches thereby the leaves lack the nutrients for photosynthesis. Finally, the leaves get dried and wither from the plant. It is a tough job to control them if their population becomes massive.

For the treatment of squash bugs, organic pesticide like Plasma Neem oil can be efficient as its application has been researched with many insects and nematodes as positive. Plasma Neem oil is EPA certified Neem oil that helps to repel the bugs from infesting the farms without disturbing the environment. The specialty of this neem oil is the key insecticidal constituent of Neem called Azadirachtin has the concentration of about 3000 ppm which any other certified neem oil has. Spraying Plasma Neem oil in the squash bugs prone areas will serve a better result in controlling their population. In fact, it also controls the larvae of these bugs.  Spray once or twice a week and be free from squash bugs in your farms.


Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

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