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Organic nematicide neem oil in management of Nematodes:

Nematodes are minute species that belong to worm family. Most of the nematodes are parasitic, in the sense they are external breeding species. Anatomically they vary from few millimeters to centimeters in length and very diminutive in diameter. Some species are even microscopic and cannot be seen through naked eye. Parasitic Nematodes are adaptive to almost all type of ecosystem with the highest survival instinct at all climatic condition and geographical area. Nematodes are generally two kinds, one is predatory nematodes and the other is pest nematodes.

Organic Nematicides in the field of Agriculture

In the field of agriculture, they are considered to be both beneficial as well as harmful depending upon the type of species. Beneficially these creatures terminate few garden pests and save the life of plants from damage. On the other hand they also spread plant viruses. Nematode like Root-knot is a soil inhabitant that infects the roots of plant in its larval stage by developing nodules. The nodules deplete the existing plant nutrients which affects the photosynthetic process of plants thereby destruct the complete foliage. Therefore they are considered to be the worst plant parasites that make the destruction progressive without any sign of their existence.

Controlling Nematodes using Organic Nematicide

The challenge of identification of nematodes is a tough task as they are microscopic in size and thereby control of nematodes becomes questionable. Even though there are chemical nematicides like Aldicarb, Carbaryl, etc available in the market, organic nematicides are recommended for use as these synthetics are expected to get banned in near future because of the side-effects observed on their application. In that case, Organic nematicides will be appropriate alternative in effective containment of pest nematodes and also ensure safety for the environment.  That’s why EPA recommends the use of Organic Nematicides.

Neem Oil as an Organic Nematicide

Neem oil, an extract of neem (Azadirachta Indica) is an organic mineral that contains fundamental constituent of pesticide as well as insecticide called Azadirachtin. Researchers believe that Neem oil when used as a soil drench can control the population of nematodes effectively than other synthetic and organic nematicides. Moreover, neem oil is bio-degradable and it does not harm the plant life anyway. Other techniques of neem oil application for nematicidal effect will include neem oil fertilizer, root dip treatment and seed treatment with neem oil. By-products of neem oil such as pellets and cakes can also be vitally used in the crushed state near the infested plant for controlling the further infestation of nematodes.

Overall organic nematicide provides efficient eradication of   Pest Nematodes.


Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles


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