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Plasma Neem Oil botanical insecticide and pesticide

Plasma Neem® Oil (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) is an EPA registered insecticide for use on crop and non crop applications. The first observation made by the end user on using this botanical pesticide and insecitide, is that there is no knock down effect and lack of instant kill since Plasma Neem Oil is not a contact toxin. Plasma Neem Oil’s action is anti-feedant, insect growth regulation, ovipositon deterrent, anti moulting and to in some cases repellence. Control of pestilence within a period of 3 days by neem oil foliar applications, is quite normal as against the instant kill by chemical pesticides due to direct toxicity.
The long term control is better since there are no recorded cases of insects developing resistance to neem oil.

End users should be aware that Plasma Neem® Oil is a pure neem oil and requires the use of a separate emulsifier to prepare a spray able emulsion.
Plasma Neem® Oil (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) may be used against the following pests:
Aphids: Cotton aphids, Cowpea aphids, Mustard aphids, Okra aphids, Pea aphids, Rice aphids.
Beetles: Brinjal (Egg Plant) Spotted Leaf Beetle, Chick pea beetle, Cow pea beetle, Colorado potato beetle, Cucumber beetle, Mexican Bean beetle, Radish Flea beetle, Red Pumpkin beetle, Spotted cucumber beetle, Soya bean Japanese beetle.
Stink bugs: Tomato stink bugs
Caterpillars: Black headed caterpillar, Cabbage caterpillar, Ear cutting caterpillar, Tobacco caterpillar, Yellow hairy caterpillar
Leafhoppers: Brown plant hopper, Carolina grass hopper, Leaf hopper, Potato leaf hopper, Rice brown plant hopper, Rice grass hopper, Rice green leaf hoppers
Leafminers: Leafminers of ornamental plants, tomato leaf miner.
Whiteflies: Cotton white fly, Sugar cane white fly, Banded wing white flies, citrus white flies
Mealy Bugs: Mealy bugs of ornamental plants
Midges: Brassica pod midge
Mites: Spider Mites
Nematodes: Root knot nematodes
Weevils: Black Vine Weevil
Scales: California red scales, Yellow scales, Coffee green scales
Thrips: Peanut Thrips



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