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Top three reasons to avoid High toxic insecticide in farms


Farmers use high toxic insecticides in their farm to eliminate pests and insects, which spoil the crops and which affects the farm's productivity. They use high toxic insecticides as a strategy to kill pest or insects very quickly. However, farmers must realize that this way of doing agriculture has got many harmful health effects to the humans and to the environment. These are the three reasons why farmers have to leave the idea of using high toxic insecticide and concentrate on organic insecticides/ pesticides, which are environmental friendly.

Reason 1 - Human Health problems

High toxic insecticides / pesticides can cause serious health problems to human society. High toxic insecticide can spread into the air and cause health problems to the people who are nearby the farm land.Especially, people who are vulnerable to dust allergies are mostly affected by this high toxic insecticides, they can easily develop asthma or breathing problems due to high toxic insecticide, even the healthy person can get affected by the application of high toxic insecticides in farms.

Reason 2 - Environmental Problems

High toxic insecticides are really harmful to the environment. These insecticides not only kill the pests but also other innocent species, which does not harm anything to the crops and high toxic insecticides can cause Soil, Water and air pollution affecting the total environment. Air pollution can happen when pests resist to the implementation of insecticides, the farmer will use more to eliminate the pests/insects and this can cause air pollution. Birds and animals are very much affected by the usage of insecticides.

Reason 3 - Soil Pollution

For all farmer's quality of the land is the asset, the yield depends upon the quality of the soil. Continuous usage of high toxic insecticides can create soil pollution in the long run. Because the yielded crops will not have a high level of quality because of the soil and the prices of the yield can go low in the market because of the quality.

Due to these reasons EPA has suggested ways to do farming in an organic way, if you adopt organic farming methods like using neem oil for killing pests and insects. Organic farming helps you to get better quality yield in the long run and also safer to the environment.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Plasma Power Private Limited. Reproduction of the articles does not in any way form an endorsement

Author: Adam Teaser - neem articles

The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Plasma Power Private Limited. Reproduction of the articles does not in anyway form an endorsement


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