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Use Neem Oil for the Control of Mealy Bug Infestation in Gardens

Insect hoppers have a special liking for cash crops. Many a farmer has faced a crisis because of insect hoppers infesting cash crops by chewing and sucking the leaves. Chemical fertilizers do provide a remedy but tend to kill beneficial insects as well. Here are three reasons why Neem Oil is an effective way to control insect hoppers who feed on cash crops:

Reason 1: Kills only the Insect Hoppers

Neem oil is usually sprayed on the leaves and stalks of a cash crop. So it is aimed at only the insect hoppers who spoil the cash crop by chewing the leaves or biting off bits of the stalk. The insect hopper which attacks the plant by consuming it will end up consuming the neem oil as well and hence die as an aftermath. Beneficial insects, who replenish the soil in a natural fashion, do not consume the plant and hence do not get affected by neem oil.

Reason 2: Eco-friendly Insect Hopper Remover

Neem oil contains azadirachtin which is very good at controlling and eliminating insect hoppers which affect the productivity of cash crops. Additionally, it does not cause any damage to the soil or disrupt the chemical composition of a fertile soil. The insect hopper which consumes the cash crops ends up consuming neem oil which affects biological functioning of the insect hopper. For example, the insect hopper would forget to feed or breed after devouring a cash crop with neem oil sprayed on it. This leads to the complete elimination of the insect hopper and the infestation cyclewithout any other adverse chemical side effects.

Reason 3: Cost Effective

Using neem oil for preserving cash crops from insect hoppers is very cost effective because neem oil is less expensive when compared to chemical fertilizers. Also, since soil friendly and soil replenishing insects and worms do not get affected because of neem oil, the farmer need not spend on buying supplements for the enrichment of soil. In the case of using chemical fertilizers, a cash crop farmer has to invest heavily in order to preserve the soil quality as it is paramount.This investment is totally avoided when a farmer uses neem oil.

Overall, it can be said that neem oil as a source to control insect hoppers in cash crops is extremely beneficial for farmers.

Author: Janani Rangarajan- neem articles

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Plasma Power Private Limited. Reproduction of the articles does not in any way form an endorsement


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