In the construction realm,?excavation Erie PA?contractors are responsible for doing a lot of things aside from hauling dirt around. Some of their major duties include trenching, grading, site preparation, and a lot of tasks that are related to soil. Moreover, they also operate some extremely massive pieces of heavy equipment. To know more about what they do in detail, keep on reading this article: 

Operate heavy equipment 

Excavation equipment is extremely costly to buy and insure. Normally, a small to medium-sized excavation contractor will usually lease or own a few skid steers, trenchers, compactors, backhoes, bulldozers, and large front-end loaders. Apart from that, a lot of excavation contractors have their own big dump trucks that can haul away extra dirt. Trade or college school degrees in heavy equipment operation are only limited. This means that most contractors will employ either experienced operators or amateur operators and make sure to train them on the job. A lot of excavation contractors are heavy equipment operators before. 

Moves dirt around 

When it involves moving dirt, perhaps an excavation contractor is the only guy that can perform it. Based on the tools and equipment that the contractor leases or owns, an excavation contractor can help excavate trenches for gas lines or water lines, dig sewers ponds, grade road, and build roads. Moreover, they can function trenches that install flexible pipes underground without making ditches. Excavation contractors can assist in constructing earthen dams and creating terrace drainage on agricultural land.? 


Excavation contractors are known as subcontractors and business owners since their responsibility is usually just one portion of a bigger project. Homeowners can reach out to an excavation crew for a personal job like digging for your swimming pool, however, they won’t be managing the whole project. Usually, excavation contractors work under the supervision of a general contractor who coordinates the timeliness of the subcontractor, solicit bids, and pays for the excavation contractors once they finish this part of the project.? 

Site preparation 

In a common project of residential construction, excavation contractors show up after the surveying crew determines the boundaries of the house and lot. The contractor will then eliminates the soil to the needed depth for the new foundation and guarantee that the soil os firm though compaction with equipment and compaction tests if needed. The requirements of the dig need to be precise, hence, the excavation contractor should know how to properly utilize transit and level to match the posted grade by the surveying contractors. After the stem wall and footers are poured by the foundation contractor, the excavation crew will be tasked to backfill around the new foundation.? 

Excavation contracting’s the business end 

An excavation contractor needs to submit competitive estimates and bids and should be aware of the updated rate for excavation jobs within his community. In several states, the contractors are mandated to be bonded, licensed, and insured, which may need to take a knowledge and skills test and proving one’s financial stability.?